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house1.jpgGardiner Appraisal Service, LLC is a financially stable, 32-year-old company serving municipalities throughout Southern Wisconsin. Staff members have served on various assessor committees and state government committees regarding assessment practices. The firm has an excellent state appeal record and has won 2 cases in the State of Wisconsin Supreme Court, representing municipalities.

Assessment Strengths
  1. We are full-time assessors and attend many seminars and classes throughout the year. We are experienced in all types of properties and have a large comparable sales data collection computer base.
  2. All appeals to the Department of Revenue or court system are included in the contract without additional charges.
  3. We have purchased licenses for Marshall Swift Commercial Estimator. and Market Drive for the most up-to-date computer software and valuation moels.
  4. We prepare our Municipal Assessment Reports in a timely manner for the Department of Revenue.
  5.  We have been completing revaluation projects in Southern Wisconsin since 1981 and are familiar with the real estate market trends.


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